Outdoor holidays in Sardinia

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 Sardinia’s low population density makes this island a land of unspoiled (pristine) nature which is to be preserved and defended. There are many areas where nature is protected and accessible in whole Sardinia, and they are included in beautiful marine reserves and inland natural parks. For this reason, after a journey in Sardinia it will be natural considering and defining this place a real paradise. Different areas of Barbagia are rich in natural parks and protected reserves and Bitti is not an exception. Lovers of holidays in contact with nature are spoilt for choice in this small enchanting hamlet just North of Nuoro. It is possible to enjoy a variety of trekking routes (150 km of hiking trails) and secondary rural roads that are ideal cycle paths. Bitti landscapes are fantastic for those who want to discover Sardinia’s beauties road tripping around and across the island. Mhttp://www.visitbitti.it/en/to-do-bitti/outdoor/oreover, a countless species of animals make this area a genuine unicum compared to inland natural reserves.

Regional Natural Park of Tepilora.

The Regional Natural Park of Tepilora, formally established in 2014, includes the natural areas of the municipalities of Bitti, Lodè, Posada and Torpè. Its uncommon natural richness strikes the traveler who, coming from Bitti, reaches one of the different entrances of the park and immediately has the chance to discover its nearly 8000 hectares of untouched forests, its paths, springs and streams (watercourses). The diversity of the landscapes is remarkable. At the exit of the hamlet you will be immediately surrounded by the pasture areas where the milk is produced and processed to make unique and tasty pecorino cheese, and then you will immerse yourself in the picturesque forests of cork oaks with their characteristic profile which strikes the curios visitor who loves staying in harmony with nature.

The Natural Park of Tepilora offers a wide faunal variety animating its cork oaks forests and its Mediterranean scrub vegetation that are the natural habitat for wild boars, Sardinian hares, deers, mouflons and some exemplars of golden eagles. The whole natural area is truly loved by those who live in the four villages that are included in it, and you can rest assured that when you ask any of the inhabitants of Bitti for some advice about the not-to-be-missed spots of the Park of Tepilora each of them will give you plenty of different suggestions (tips). Each man living in this land has a very deep bond with it and its natural environment, and you will discover this reality by the particular and varied tips that you will be given. The main natural attractions which should not be missed are the numerous waterfalls, small streams and lakes which have been forming in the Park along the path which goes from the mountain areas of this extraordinary landscape to coastal wetlands. S’Illiorai Waterfall conquers the tourist through its charming shapes, its colors and heading scents spread by the surrounding Mediterranean maquis. It is a 20 m high fall, whose water, hitting the granite rocks at its base, through a slow erosion, creates two small pools. You can reach the fall taking the road to Mamone and then turning left to enter the reforested area of Crastazza Forest until arriving at the plateau of Keddai. Then you may continue on foot along a well-maintained signed path at the end of which you will enjoy the breathtaking view of the fall from above. Finally do not miss the other waterfalls of this area (that you can reach through a different route) called Sas Lapias de Monte Ruiu, three small falls of fresh and pure water gushing out from a high granite rock: this is the perfect destination of an enchanting trail surrounded by pristine landscapes in the hearth of Sardinia.



The Massif of Montalbo.

This limestone massif is visible from all the villages of the surrounding area and it is considered one of the most interesting nature site in the island. Indeed, Montalbo (in many road signs you may read Monte Albo) is home to 33% of the plant species, to 52% of birds, and 75% of mammals of the whole of Sardinia. Its name derives from its peculiar aspect: green lush Mediterranean scrub, hilly vegetation at the bottom of the massif and waste rock on the top. In particular, the adjective “albo”, that means “white”, derives from the peculiar light color of the limestone rock. This natural environment could be very more picturesque if you decide to discover it by bike or by motorcycle taking the provincial road SP3 connecting Lula to Siniscola, running along the mountain, and that will bring you an extraordinary experience. Along the provincial road it is possible to find various well signed walking trails through which you may immerse yourself in the deepest nature of this area of Barbagia. Continuing your walk, along the way you will find a fountain called Fontana de S’adde (“Fountain of the valley”), and from this point you have a magnificent view to the sea, and from here a path leads walkers to discover the heart of the massif, right in that exact place (point) the profile of the limestone mountain smooths drawing a sort of V line on the horizon. Strolling around the mountain routes and the valley you will see the pinnetos, ancient refuges, a sort of huts, that once were inhabited by shepherds during long periods in which the pasture of sheep keep them far from their families, their homes, and their hometown.

Bitti, the right destination for a holiday totally immersed in nature.

Bitti is surprisingly perfect for those who love spending their holidays in full contact with nature. Cork oak forests and scrub vegetation characterize hills and valleys rich in opportunities for lovers of sport activities like hiking, mountain bicycling or rock climbing along specific routes. But nature in Bitti and its surroundings are also perfect for those people who want to enjoy a more relaxing holiday immersed in countryside landscapes where they may walk searching for fruits and aromatic edible herbs, surrounded by silence and at the same time by the sound of pasture animals, donkeys, horses, that you can easily meet along the rural trails that make your journey (holiday) in Sardinia more genuine and authentic.