The Bitti area is full of inaccessible mountain with granite rock formations sculpted by the elements. Here the maquis takes the form of a undergrowth where myrtle and strawberry trees alternate with heather, holly, lentos and broom.

The luxuriant vegetation in the surroundings of Bitti also holds ancient oak trees, bordering ponds and streams

The amazing landscapes a few miles from the town center are the ideal spot for those who love to keep fit in open air practicing trekking, hiking or climbing. During the outdoor excursions you will be often in touch with riches archaeological and historical signs such as Nuraghes, prehistoric mysterious ruins (Domus de janas) and those of the traditional economy of the area related to farmers trails and especially in the past to charcoal trails, accessible also in Mountainbike

Enjoy breathtaking views in a unspoiled nature. If you love taking pictures and adventure, this destination is for you.

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Discover big skies and starry nights

Start your adventure in the wild luxury nature surrounding Bitti. Whether you love trekking, climbing, cycling, horse riding or simply hiking our land has an option for everyone.

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Regional nature park of Tepilora Oasis

A green paradise among the towns of Bitti, Lodè, Torpè and Posada

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Montalbo – Mountain range

Between towns of Lula, Lodè and Siniscola

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Sa Donna peak

between Crastazza and Tepilora

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Crastazza Forest – Natural Reserve

Crastazza Forest, route Bitti - Sos Littos